Haber First Global Research Meeting will be the first, for many of the researches to be awarded. Please note that the deadline for submitting the extended abstracts is September 15, 2013.
Haber The First Meeting will company to the most prestigous otology meeting, 29. Politzer Society Conference, in 2013.

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  • Description: Research forum covers that "Presentation of the clinical and basic researches either in progress (the preliminary reports should be prepared) or recently finalized" are reported.

  • The activity will be titled: "The Global Otology Research Forum"
    This Organization is already supported by the leading Societies on Otology and Neurotology of the world.

  • The Committee: "Global Otology Research Forum Committee (GLORFC)" is formed by the representatives of the Founding Societies. The founder members (GLORFC) are titled as:

  • President: Angel Ramos

  • Vice presidents: Samuel Selesnick, Herman Jenkins and Milan Profant

  • General Secretary: O. Nuri Ozgirgin

  • Committee members: Jacques Magnan, Gerry O´Donoghue, Anil Lalwani, Bruce Gantz, Hans Peter Zenner, Ken Kitamura, Alan Uziel,Franco Trabalzini, Kwang Sun Lee and Manohar Bance.

  • Meetings: Politzer Society Meetings are organized biannually. One of every two Politzer Meetings are managed by the President of the Society. The President's meeting (organized every four years) is scheduled for "The (1st) Global Otology Research Forum" (for the years 2013, 2017, 2021 etc.) The President's Meeting hosts the GLORF to be scheduled as one additional day to the Politzer Meeting's Scientific Program. Between each, those persons interested in presenting their research may submit their work to the American Otological Society and the American Neurotology Society annual meetings. These submissions would be judged with the goal of seeking the very best research presented, and judged in the same manner as the submissions that originate from the US.

  • Announcement: The regulations of the Forum, as well as invitations for the researchers for their application are announced through the Webpages of the founder Societies as well as by newsletters.

  • Organization of the sessions: The sessions are organized in parallel sessions, as basic and clinical. The time allowed for each presentation is 20 minutes including the discussion. In this situation 2x20 researches can be presented in one day and this can be doubled by putting new rooms into the scientific program.

  • Prize: The presentations are awarded with a prize. In organizations associated with Politzer Meetings the "Politzer Prize" award can be nominated. Any other awards will be open to suggestions by Societies, Foundations and Companies in the field to be discussed and decided by the GLORFC.

    The leading Industrial Companies in the Field can nominate awards for selection by the Scientific Committee. (The personal communications that I made with the CEO's of Leading Industries in the field show that they will be very much willing to support for researches)

  • Selection of presentations: The deadline for presented submissions ends 6 months before the meeting. The Chairman of the Meeting, with the aid of the local scientific committee, initially classifies the submitted presentations to facilitate the work load of the selection committee and then distributes them blindly to the selection committee. The GLORFC also serves for the Scientific Committee to decide the final Scientific Program. The task will be to select the eligible submissions to be presented during the meeting. The rest (remaining submissions) will automatically be displayed as posters. The scientific program is announced 3 months in advance of the meeting.

  • Financial support: The presenters will be responsible from their own transport, registration and accommodation expenses. The founding organizations may find solutions for sponsorships.