Haber First Global Research Meeting will be the first, for many of the researches to be awarded. Please note that the deadline for submitting the extended abstracts is September 15, 2013.
Haber The First Meeting will company to the most prestigous otology meeting, 29. Politzer Society Conference, in 2013.

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From The President

Dear Colleagues

The Global Otology Research Forum (GLORF) carries an important mission to promote excellence in science and technology research in the field of otology, and their essential roles in fostering social and economic development as well as progress.

This initiative will be held under the auspices of the leading Otology and Neurotology Societies around the World, with the consensus of organizing a special event for the research groups.

GLORF will be supported by: The European Academy of Otology and Neurootology; American Otological Society; American Neurootology Society; Japan Otological Society; Korean Academy of Otology; British Society of Otology and Politzer Society. We welcome the latest projects , basic and clinical research, to a discussion atmosphere to stimulate further thoughts, new ideas and share the experience to give light for the new ideas have been the purpose on this new project.

We invite the owners of the ongoing and recently finalized research projects to submit their presentations to the 1st Global Otology Research Forum that will take place on 13-17 November 2013 in Antalya (Turkey), as a joint meeting with official biannual Politzer Society Conference.

    The most important aims are to:
  • improve knowledge and skills in otology for junior faculty members and promising candidates for future researchers.
  • attune the attitudes and goals of future opinion leaders in otology throughout the world.
  • establish networks among medical doctors responsible for research in otology develop new ideas for geriatric health programs and harmonize practices.

The official website is: www.glorf.org.

Prof. O. Nuri Ozgirgin will chair and handle all the communication as being the Chairman of the Politzer Society Meeting , and Professor Armagan Incesulu has been assigned as the Scientific Secretary coordinator of this first event in Antalya.

We are looking forward to this new leading scientific event that will provide stimulus for new developments.

Prof. Angel Ramos