Haber First Global Research Meeting will be the first, for many of the researches to be awarded. Please note that the deadline for submitting the extended abstracts is September 15, 2013.
Haber The First Meeting will company to the most prestigous otology meeting, 29. Politzer Society Conference, in 2013.

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Pub No Abstract Title
101 Does unilateral cochlear implant use promote cortical development at the expense of pathways from the unstimulated ear?
102 Auditory evoked potentials with direct acoustic cochlear stimulation
103 Children use bilateral cochlear implant stimulation to balance
104 Electroacoustic Stimulation via Cochlear Implant in children
105 Multi-scale 3D finite element modelling of the cochlea: the SIFEM approach
106 Effects of insuline like growth factor-I (ıgf-I) on cochlear electrode trauma model
107 Expression profiling of microRNA in geriatric Human inner ear by Real-time PCR quantification
108 Biochemical Differences Between Hearing Lose and Unaffected Patients On Gun Fire Sound Exposure
201 A comparison of myringoplasty techniques- onlay vs. underlay, in the management of subtotal tympanic membrane perforations
202 A systematic review of the reliability of preoperative temporal bone CT in predicting local complications and sequelae of chronic otitis media
203 Fascin expression in cholesteatoma: correlation with destruction of ossicular chain and extent of the disease
204 Regulation of osteoclasts is required to maintain morphology and function of ossicles in middle ear
205 Hypoxia signaling in the aetiology and therapy of chronic otitis media
206 Micro CT-scanning of the mastoid. Micro-channels supporting a high vascular supply of the mastoid mucosa and its role in pressure regulation
207 Evaluation on shear bond strength of different glass ionomer cements used in ossiculoplasty
208 Long-term follow-up study of ossicular chain reconstruction by using of the material Adoro
109 Frequency programming; benefits in music perception to implanted patients
110 Speech perception in cochlear implants with frequency programming
111 Mental health in CI- adolescents
112 Impact of quorum sensing inhibition on infection and biofilm formation in cochlear implants and development of otitis media: Preliminary results
113 Ambisonics soundfield setup for spatial hearing research
114 Visualizing the central auditory pathway by MR axonography
115 Auditory Neuropathy in Late Preterm Infants Treated with Phototherapy for Hyperbilirubinemia
116 The western blot analysis of Cochlin Protein in the inner ear
209 Thermal effect of cold light sources in otologic surgery
401 Influence factors in cholesteatoma development
402 Recalcitrant Otorrhoea - An analysis of emerging antimicrobial resistance
210 Otoendoscopic Examination and Micro-computed Tomography Image Analysis of a New Animal Model of Continuous Negative Pressure in the Middle Ear
211 Patulous Eustachian Tube after percutaneous balloon microcompression for trigeminal neuralgia
403 To evaluate the role of HRCT temporal bone in Cholesteatoma cases (A Study of 50 Cases)
212 Motion of the Human TM and Stapes Velocity after Placement of PORPs and TORPs with Cartilage Cover
301 A comparison of static and dynamic balance measures to distinguish feigned and genuine vestibular disorders, a randomised single blind study
302 Central vestibular dysfunction in an Otorhinolaryngological Vestibular Unit: incidence and diagnostic strategy
303 Evaluation of effect of betahistine dihydrochloride on noise-induced hearing loss by distortion product otoacoustic emission (dpoae) and scanning electron microscopy (sem)
304 HTLV1 infection and audiovestibular involvement
305 Hyperventilation Induced Nystagmus In Patients With Dizziness
306 Abnormal vestibular ratio and abnormal VEMPs are indicators of poor prognosis in patients with migrainous vertigo
307 Novel biomedical diagnostic marker for perilymphatic fistula
308 Prevalence and significance of basophilic deposits in the labyrinth
117 Clinical otogenetics
118 Otogenetics, psychophysics and speech perception
119 A novel MYO6 splice-site mutation in progressive autosomal dominant sensorineural hearing loss type DFNA22 shows a favourable outcome after cochlear implantation
120 Novel in vivo imaging analysis of an inner ear (spiral ganglion) drug delivery system in mice
121 Severe to profound hearing impairment: prognosis estmation by data mining system
122 Is Sudden Hearing Loss associated with increased risk of Atherosclerosis?
501 Clinical and genetic research on Chinese patients of head and neck paraganglioma
502 Integrative genetic, epigenetic and pathological analysis of paraganglioma reveals complex dysregulation of notch signaling
503 The importance of foramen spinosum agenesis and probable associated abnormal vascular structures in skull base surgery
504 The Measurement Of Varıous Anatomıcal Structures And Assesment Of Morphometrıc Development Of Fetal Skull Base
505 The role of cochlear implants in vestibular schwannoma management
506 Intractanial and extracranial otogenic complications. Pus inflammatory diseases of the middle ear. First impresions of intraoperative neuromonitoring of facial nerve during otologic surgery
507 Temporal bone trauma – unexpected multiple bone fractures
309 Ménière’s Disease and Migraines: related or a coincidence?
310 Sudden Hearing Loss with Simultaneous Posterior Semicircular Canal BPPV: Possible Etiology and Clinical Implications
311 Virtual Reality – vestibular rehabilitation variant in vestibular neuritis patients
312 The Effects Of Betahistine and Dimenhydrinate on Caloric Test Parameters; Slow Phase Velocity of Nystagmus
313 The psychological profile and handicap in geriatric patients with vertigo
123 Protective Effect of Korean Red Gingseng On Cisplatin Ototoxicity
124 Autophagy may play a critical role in the process of gentamicin-induced delayed ototoxicity
125 Doxycycline ototoxicity as intratympanic injection in guinea pigs
126 The Effect Of Pomegranate Juıce Against Ototoxicity After Exposure To Cisplatin-Based Chemo-Irradiation
127 Retrospective Analysis Of Tinnitus Patients Through Clinical, Biochemical, Audiological And Radiological Evaluation: A Multicenter Study
128 Retrospective analysis of patients with sudden sensorineural hearing loss by means of clinical, biochemical, audiological and radiological assessment: A multicenter study.
129 Effect of Anklosing Spondylitis on Hearing Function
130 Patients with osteoporosis have higher incidence of sensorineural hearing loss
131 diabetes mellitus and sensoneural hearing loss