Haber First Global Research Meeting will be the first, for many of the researches to be awarded. Please note that the deadline for submitting the extended abstracts is September 15, 2013.
Haber The First Meeting will company to the most prestigous otology meeting, 29. Politzer Society Conference, in 2013.

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Global Otology Research Forum (GLORF) has been established by the support of world's leading societies in the field. The ongoing and recently finalized researches on otology and neurotology will have the opportunity of being presented within special sessions dedicated to GLORF as combined with the most prestigious meetings in the field. The regulations and the board formed by the founder members are also announced.

Dear Colleagues, Scientists,
We are proud of having the privilege of organizing the first Meeting of GLORF in 2013. As being aware of the responsibilities, we have already begun working hardly for this mind-blowing mission.

We believe that GLORF Meetings beginning with 2013 will create a great impact on the future of otology. This will enable reporting the outcomes of the ongoing researches within the conditions that will mostly be appreciated and where the new ideas will be added into minds for further projections.

The leading otology societies, the leading scientists will be there for discussions. The leading industries will be there to give awards and support further clinical applications.

GLORF Meetings from now on will be the mostly preferred opportunities to report the outcome of months, years of work to receive the deserved interest and support.


Prof. O. Nuri Ozgirgin


The contributing Societies will nominate awards for the best researches that will be announced in advance.

Additionally the organizing committee has already begun being in contact with the World’s Leading Industries in the field to receive support directly for the Research studies.

The names of the awarding industrial companies will be available in the sponsorship pages of the website.
GLORF Board will also serve as Prize Committe.


  • The awards will be announced soon...